Helping Teens Grow into
Confident Young Adults

Is your teen suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety and lack of motivation?

Teenagers are at that age when they want to show they’re grown-ups and can manage alone. Meanwhile, they really have no idea what it actually means and what they’re supposed to do.

Being told to act like an adult while not having a clear idea of what that mean leads them to interpreting it as anything a more confident peer will say. This, in turn, makes them fall easily under bad influence and negative behaviours. 

Their social structure depends on them being accepted by the rest of the group. They mostly rely on social media to know how they are expected to behave. Cyber-bullying is very common and makes them feel unsafe in the comfort of their own home.

I help teenagers develop strong confidence and self-esteem so they don’t fall victim of bad influence and bullies. I also teach them how to handle stress and anxiety. Additionally, my coaching gets them to develop motivation and organisation skills. 

They  become strong and resilient young adults.

Meet Karina

Karina Taoughlist is the founder and owner of KT Confidence Coaching. She is an accredited life coach specialised in confidence building for teenagers.

She holds a diploma in Life and Executive Coaching as well as a QQI Level 6 in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics. She has more than 15 years experience working with teenagers.

Most of us can easily remember how challenging a time teenagehood was. We could have done with a little help from a coach. This is what Karina Taoughlist is offering. A warm and judgement-free environment for your teen to get the support they need.

Receiving coaching from Karina will help them increase their confidence and resilience at home and in school. It will teach them coping mechanisms to deal with stress and anxiety. It will also improve their organisation and motivation which, in turn,  will benefit the whole family dynamics.

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Here is how I can help...

Teen Coaching

I created a warm and non-judgemental environnement where teenagers can be themselves. They leave each sessions feeling stronger, more confident and motivated.

Free eBook

A Free eBook to help you delelop your teen resilience as well as other reading material to help support your teen’s developement and improve the whole family dynamic.

Online Programme

A self-paced online course teaching teenagers coping mechanism to deal with stress, anxiety as well as understanding the very root of stress for them.

What my wonderful clients say about me?

"Karina made myself and my daughter feel very comfortable when we spoke / met for the first time. My daughter has been attending Karina with the last few months, she would have had very little self believe, worries about everything. We initially met Karina in her rooms but Covid 19 came along and zoom took over. I had my doubts about zoom but it has worked out wonderfully. My daughters confidence and self esteem has grown, she really enjoys the sessions with Karina every week It's very hard to put into words the change in my daughter. We would highly recommend Karina."

Now it’s your turn to see the benefits of getting coaching for your teen.

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