You're worthy of everything this world has to offer.

That’s the message I want to share with every person who has ever felt less than, been bullied, or thought their opinion didn’t matter. Who feel like a failure, like their voice isn’t heard and that things are too tough and they can’t make it through. 

Hi, I’m Karina. My mission is to empower you to grow into confident, resilient young adults. Through my online programme and one-to-one coaching, I help my clients:

 * Tackle stress and anxiety head on

 * Find their motivation

 * Become more organised at home and school

So they can become the person they were meant to be.

Karina Taoughlist Confidence Coach

... My Story ...

My teenage years were, to put it bluntly, horrible. I was bullied at school and at home. I went from being an “A” student in primary school to average results in middle school, then failing in high school.  All this because my mental health was declining. I felt lost and could see no way out of the situation. I was convinced I’d never grow, succeed, or achieve anything worthwhile with my life.

I received little to no support during those years. I was put down and treated like a failure.

I made it through though by building confidence, self-belief and focusing on my goals. It was difficult but it doesn’t have to be for everybody.

I realised all my dreams and dicovered a secret on the way: “Dreams can come true, even the ones you think are impossible.

So I decided to become the adult I wish had been there for me as a teen, and offer support and guidance to those who need me most right now.

... Professional Background ...

As an Accredited Coach, I hold a Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching as well as a QQI Level 6 in Professional Coaching Practice and EthicsI’ve spent over 20 years working with teenagers, helping them become the best possible version of themselves.

I studied Neuroscience and NeuroLinguistic Programming and apply it every day in my work. I am passionate about the science of the brain, and keep up to date with all the new research and discovery in that field.

I love to see my clients grow and bloom as they implement the tools and techniques I give them in their lives. The most bittersweet part of my job? The day my clients tell me they don’t need me anymore and have everything they need to continue the journey without me. 

... Meaning of The Dandelion...

The dandelion is one of these plants that people tend to see differently depending on who you ask. Some see a weed. Something bad and invasive they need to get rid of. Something that grows wildly and needs to be tamed. Others see a magical plant. The plant to whom you tell your dreams before blowing it in the wind hoping your wish will be heard and come true. 

Dreams do come true if you truly believe in them and keep your focus on your objetive. That I am not only sure but the actual embodiment of.

Teenagers also have this duality in the way they are perceived and treated. Some people seem mischievous always up to no good. Or even lazy being too spoiled for their own good. It makes for an inhospitable setting to grow up in. Others, me included, see teenagers as they really are: adults in the making and full of potential. They need support, guidance and encouragement.

The dandelion is one of the most resilient plants you can find in nature. As unhospitable you’re trying to make the world for it, it always finds a way to grow and sprout everywhere you’re looking every single spring. Because when you truly are strong and resilient, the environment doesn’t matter, you will still grow. 

... I believe in ...

1. Making a Difference

I am proud to do the work I do. Like The Starfish Story, I can’t make a difference in everybody’s life, but I do my very best to make a positive impact in the life of person teen I coach.

2. Always Be Yourself

For coaching to be effective, a teenager needs to feel comfortable enough to share their struggles openly. I provide a warm, non-judgmental environment where you are free to be yourself.

3. Everything is Possible

Whether that’s getting comfortable with new situations, letting go of what you can’t control, or simply making everyday life feel a little easier.

... What my Wonderful Clients Say about Me ...

... Next Steps ...

See for yourself how I can help you…