Stay in Touch Without Touching

Family Gathering During Covid-19 We are currently faced with a crisis like none of us had experienced before. No amount of outbreak movie analysis could have prepared us for the…

The Best Ways to Communicate With Your Teen

It really shouldn’t be that complicated and yet it is. Communicating with your teen is one the most difficult thing you have to do these days.    Teenagehood is a very complicated…

How to Best Connect with your Teen

Keeping the connection between parents and teens mean creating moments when they get this reminder that you’re here for them and they can rely on you.

The Subtle Art of Resilience

Would you like to become more resilient? That’s something you hear a lot. How to be more resilient. Nowadays you need to build resilience. It’s everywhere. But what does it…

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is considered by mental health professionals as the most powerful tool you can use to become more positive. It is a simple yet efficient way to change your outlook in life.

Happiness and joy are not provided my material goods or temporary mood fixers. It is through the process of challenging the way you think and creating a new, positive one.