Coaching Services

Why does your teen need life coaching?

Teenagehood is a very difficult time and nowadays even more than ever. It’s a time of pressure coming from all sides. You’re asked to act like an adult while being treated like a child. The school has become more stressful due to exams looking like tall brick walls at the end of each cycle. Relationships with friends become more complicated. They need their parents more than ever but they’re asked to be independent and this put an additional pressure on them of not knowing if they can ask for help. Indeed, asking for help is one of the most difficult things to do for them. They need help, they need guidance, they need a place where they can release this pressure building upon and around them.


Karina is a fantastic coach, my son really came on leaps and bounds in both confidence and his anxiety issues through her intervention.  Karina is so easy to talk to and my son who is normally quiet reserved had no issues opening up.  Thank you Karina for all your kind help.


What will coaching do for your teen?

A life coach is someone who will act as a guide while your teen is cruising through this time of their life. A coach is there to dispense key learning into understanding themselves. In teen coaching, they understand who they are and what they really want. This is provided is a warm and non-judgmental environment where they can open and be listened to. Additionally, they get invaluable tools to learn to cope with stress and anxiety as well as to become more organised and motivated. This leads naturally to a happier more confident teen.


Karina is an amazing life coach! With so much experience to offer parents , adults and children! I have seen first hand the positive results experienced by her sessions! I would highly recommend her especially with self confidence and self esteem issues!



Services Available


Future Ready

Some teens know exactly what they want to do and some have no idea or are confused. Most don’t think they have the right skills for the career they are attracted to. This is where having career guidance  and interview skill training will help.


Crushing It

Students with the highest success at exams are the ones who were the most prepared. This exam preparation program includes learning techniques, planning, scheduling and stress relief techniques to be on top by the time they sit their exam.


Becoming Me

Specifically taylored for teenagers with self-esteem and anxiety issues, this program will help your teen rediscover their skills, talents and what make them special. This is the perfect one help them grow into strong and confident young adults.