The Confidence Starter Pack

You have a teen at home who could use some help but they’re not ready to talk with someone. I got your covered!

Looking for solutions here and there is not the way to go about it. When you keep picking up an idea here and inspiration there, what is missing is consistency.
You’re getting mixed messages and overall the efforts you are putting are not giving you the results you were looking for.

The Confidence Starter Pack …

… compiles my best tools and strategies to help your teen grow strong and confident. It will help them get the regular and consistent support they need to discover and acknowledge what makes them special. They will embrace their uniqueness. It is the perfect setting for them to discover their authentic self and understand what they really want. Additionally, it will help them identify what triggers their anxiety and how to better respond to those triggers. This will reduce the impact stress has on them. 

What's In It?

7 Simple Strategies to Help Your Teen Build Resilience

This books aims at helping parents creating the right environment and habits to improve their teen’s resilience.

You ou will be able to help your teen prepare to overcome the challenges and set-backs they may encounter.

Teen Workbook

There are a few key elements needed in order to build good resilience from a young age.

With the help from this workbook, your teen will be more willing to take calculated risks and will have all the chances to succeed in life.

Confidence Flash Cards

Something to quickly look at each time they feel down and need a reminder that they are great and can do anything.

As a result,

they will be better able to face stressful situations. It will also get them rid of mood swings and depression. They will become strong and confident young adults.
They will learn how to take charge of their life without the need to be led. 

All for €10 only!