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A guided self-paced course for teenagers to learn:

  • Different ways stress affects them, 
  • What it costs them to give in to stress, 
  • How to release stress in a healthy way, 
  • How to take control of their life 
  • Different ways to relax on a daily basis 

The course is composed of 7 modules. Each module contains lessons that deal with a specific topic. The lessons contain a short video and a downloadable hand-out.

They will need to complete each lesson to move on to the next one. There is a test at the end of each module to control their learning.

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This August, prepare your child for reentry in school.

This course will be their companion throughout the school year.

It will help them deal with the anxiety of going back to school, speaking up in class, exam stress and so many more situations teens are faced with.

... End of August 2020