Crushing It

Taking exams is very stressful both for you and your teenager. Exams cause stress due to them feeling under pressure to perform, being afraid to fail, worrying about the future, and finding it hard to focus

 You can spot when your teen has been hit by exam stress. They will be disengaged, lose interest in the things they usually like. You can also notice a change in their eating and sleeping habits. And of course, let’s not forget the mood swings and irritability.

Good study habits don’t always come easily or naturally. Most teens need to be taught how to develop them. Learning effectively will reduce your teen’s stress and increase their chance to reach their goal.

This program is designed to help your teen develop their organisation and motivation skills. They will learn how to plan and schedule their studies. They will come out of it with a complete studying calendar, a weekly planner as well as a daily checklist.

It’s also the opportunity for them to learn more about how stress is affecting them and techniques to help them reduce stress. It includes learning different relaxing methods. They will also receive links to curated guided meditations.

It starts with a 90-minute session where, with your teen, we will look into everything they need to get out of this program and draft our plan. They will then get five additional 45-minute sessions where they will be kept on track to follow up with the plan that has been made for them. They will also receive access to a Google Drive folder shared with me that will contain the calendar, planner, checklist and tools used during each session.

They will have everything in their hand to succeed.

What's Included?

  • We start with 90-minute Evaluation Session
  • Followed by five 45-minute guiding and planning sessions
  • Personalised coaching program designed to suit your teen
  • Shared Google Drive folder to keep track of the plan
  • Access to coach between sessions for extra support

Perfect for your teen if:

  • They are in 3rd or 6th year (Junior Cert/Leaving Cert exam at the end of the year)
  • They feel overwhelmed by stress when thinking about sitting their exams
  • They don’t know where to start when it comes to studying
  • Their grades are low or decreasing

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