Online Programme

Exactly What your Teen Needs

A guided self-paced programme for teenagers to help them lower their anxiety, increase their self-confidence and much more.
Throughout the seven modules that compose this programme, they will find invaluable information, guidance and counsel.
It is a safe, judgement-free space designed for them to make the best out of these otherwise demanding years.
The programme is accessible for six months which is ample time to go through the whole thing.
Not sure if your teen will like it, no pressure, let them try it for free using the button below.
No obligation to buy and no payment method needed. Just register and see how your teen likes it.

What will they get out of the programme?

Discover and acknowledge their skills, talents and what makes them special. Learn how to embrace their uniqueness and stay away from negative external influences.

Identify what triggers their anxiety and how their body and mind respond to stress. Reduce how they are impacted by learning healthy coping mechanisms and relaxing techniques.

Improve their capacity to recover from a difficult situation. Learn how to get rid of unattainable standards and start looking at failure from a different perspective and grow stronger as a result.

Programme Content

  1. What is Anxiety?
  2. A Brief History of Stress
  3. Find Your Inner Peace
  4. Better Safe than Sorry
  5.  Your Body’s Response to Stress
  6. Getting to Know your Triggers – Part 1

  7. Getting to Know your Triggers – Part 2
  1. What is Confidence?
  2. Who do you Think you are?
  3. Family Matters
  4. The Truth about your Mirror
  5. Be a Rebel
  6. Setting Healthy Boundaries
  7. What do you Really Want?
  1. Are you Positive or Negative?
  2. Generalisation
  3. The Cost of Anxiety
  4. Worrying
  5. Letting Things Linger
  6. Negative Thinking
  7. Positive Affirmations
  1. Shifting from Black or White to Greys
  2. Perfectionism
  3. Letting Go of Control
  4. Catastrophising
  5. The Bigger Picture
  6. Changing Perspective
  7. About Gratitude
  1. Setting Realistic Goals
  2. Learning from your Mistakes
  3. Taking Responsibilities
  4. Making the Right Decision
  5. Everything is possible
  6. Changing your Attitude
  7. Facing Challenges
  1. Impact on your Physical Health
  2. Impact on your Mental Health
  3. Impact on your Mood
  4. Talking to Someone you Can Trust
  5. Talking to a professional
  6. Writing about It
  7. Expressing Yourself
  1. One Step at a Time
  2. Developing your Problem-Solving Skills
  3. Finding your Balance
  4. The No-Stress Diet
  5. Physical Exercises
  6. Getting Organised
  7. Becoming Good at Managing Time

Thanks to this Programme...

…They will improve their school and personal life by learning techniques to increase their self-esteem and boost their serenity.