Coaching for Organisation & Motivation

A lack or loss of motivation in teenagers is usually the symptom of a deeper issue. It can often time be linked to low self-worth and confidence.

Students who have low motivation have more difficulties displaying the full amount of their abilities in class. Often labelled as under-achiever, they actually need to be supported and encouraged.

Coaching will give them confidence in themselves as well as create new habits to become and stay motivated. It takes 14 days to build new habits and at least 90 to have them anchored in your routine.

What's Included?

  • 3-month package (renewable)
  • 12 weekly Zoom sessions (55 minutes per session)
  • Personalised coaching program especially tailored for your teen’s need
  • Access to private WhatsApp group for continued support between sessions
  • Shared Google Drive folder to keep track of the work and progress done
  • Unlimited email parental support in between sessions

Perfect for your teen if:

  • The word that comes in mind to describe them is lazy
  • They often go to school with their homework not done
  • They have the habit to forget to bring the right books in school
  • Their grades are low and/or decreasing
  • They don’t help around the house and/or clean their own room

Price: €280 per month for three months

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