Leaving Cert Workshop

I have created a workshop especially for 6th Year students to help them deal with the stress resulting from their upcoming exams.

This workshop lasts one our and a half. It is divided in three part. In the first part we define what stress is and how it manifests for the different students in the room. Then we will start looking at the different coping mechanism available to fight stress and help them find the one that works the best for them. To finish I will do a relaxing exercise with them consisting of breathing, grounding and muscle relaxation techniques.

If you are holding study sessions during the Easter break, I think my workshop would be an ideal addition to the program as they will perform even better if they know how to relax.

Karina did a workshop on confidence and public speaking with the MSc Design and Development of Digital Business, Cork University Business School, UCC. Karina’s style was fun, engaging and interactive. She put the students at ease which made it easier for them to join in during the session. I would have no hesitation recommending Karina.

Carolanne Mahony Ph.D.

Transition Year Program

The program is composed of four workshops. Each week will have a different focus.

Week one will teach them strategies to increase their self-esteem.

Week two will focus on emotional intelligence.

Week three will be about coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety.

Week four will be about gratitude.

The right combination to build strong confident teenagers.