Set Yourself up for Confidence and Success

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This article aims at showing you that things are not as bad as they look. Your life is actually pretty good. You tend to be depressed and lost in self-pity when actually you are winning at life. Success is here, you just need to find it.

Real Beauty

⛔  Medias put out unreachable cannons of beauty that no normal human being can reach in a natural way. This way we never feel complete or fulfilled.


✅ So here’s the thing, we are all different. We all have different bodies. Weight has nothing to do with body shape. It differs from one person to another. Additionally, the quality of your hair and skin doesn’t depend exclusively on the amount of product you put on it. It’s actually related to the genes you inherited from your family.


If you look around you, at the real people in your life such as your family members, your teachers, your friends, and the people in the supermarket. In fact, you will see how diverse the world is and how OK it is. We are all meant to be different from each other and more importantly to be accepted as such.


You would believe your mirror is a good way to be able to know what you look like and evaluate your level of beauty. Of course, you’re mistaken as you’re not looking at what you look like. Instead, you’re looking for something that is not you that you’ve been programmed to believe is what beauty looks like. Since you don’t find it, you conclude that you are not good-looking. In fact, you are just as beautiful as any other young girl. You are beautiful just as you are. 


Winning at Life

All you need to do is looking at things from a different perspective.  🔎 


✅ Look at your life (home, school, family). What kind of home do you live in? Do you have your own room? Is there food at your house? Do you have clothes to keep you warm and more? Is your home heated? Do you have all the books you need for school? Is there Wifi at home? 


To know if your life is a success you simply need t check this list:

  •         You have a roof over your head
  •         You ate today
  •         You have a good heart
  •         You wish good for others
  •         Someone cares for you
  •         You strive to be better
  •         You have clean clothes
  •         You have a dream
  •         You’re learning


The aim here is to make you realise something very important. Your life isn’t that bad as sometimes we tend to perceive it. To learn to appreciate your life more, I refer to my other blog article: The Power of Gratitude. 

Making Success a Habit

Measuring success used to focus on two things: power and money. In the new normal, success is measured by our level of well-being

👓 Therefore, using a Success Bank makes it your duty to bank all your success. It directly impacts your level of confidence. Think of all the times when you were successful. There are so many more than you can remember. First, start by making a list of the ones you were able to recall.

Additionally, the more you will deposit in your success bank, the more you will be able to withdraw. Afterwards, claim back success from the past. The aim here is to build up your confidence by having a constant reminder of all you achieved in life. Recall as many details as possible about each one of them. This way you can experience them better in the future. 

How to Build a Success Bank

To build your Success bank:

  1. Use a clean jam jar. Any container will do, but the jam jar offers the added bonus of being transparent which helps the process.
  2. Make a list of all your past achievements
  3. Fold each piece of paper a few times
  4. Place them inside your container.


You can just look at it and be reminded of your accomplishments.


🔴 After that, make it a daily habit to add a new win. Just for a few weeks to get the hang of it. Once you’re confident about it, simply make a deposit once a week with all your triumphs of the week.


This way you will be able to see your bank grow and grow. Anytime you feel down or that you’re good to nothing. Open the container, read one of your achievements and let it sink in. There’s no such thing as failure. There’s only learning.

I hope you found this article helpful and are now ready to build your own Success Bank. If you would like to learn more about how I can help you create more success and confidence in your life, simply book your Free Call Here.

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