Stay in Touch Without Touching

Family Gathering During Covid-19

We are currently faced with a crisis like none of us had experienced before. No amount of outbreak movie analysis could have prepared us for the life as it is during Covid-19 pandemic.

Countries in lock-down and not being able to interact with each other is one of the difficulties people are struggling the most with. The teenagers I’m working with keep mentioning how much they miss their family and in particular their grand-parents.

Humans are social creatures by nature. We need social interactions. We need to have our family (or tribe) around us to make us feel good and safe.

So how can you still feel close to your kind and safe in times when you’re not allowed to be in the same room with them? I’ve compiled a few safe solutions you can implement to stay in touch with your family while keeping everybody safe.

1_Send pictures that tell a story

This is a very creative thing to do with your teens. Write a story you want to tell and make it into a series of photos. You can make it as simple as telling them about your day. Start with a picture of you having breakfast, then doing some homework, followed by any other activities you’re doing during the day. Then send the photo album to the family members. The important part is to make it fun for you to do and for them to watch. After all, the aim is to put a smile on everybody’s face.

2_Make a video for them

Similarly to the previous one, this one is quite simple and straight forwards. Film yourself with your family and show your family you think about them this way. You can prepare things you want to say to them in advance or improvise on the moment. Just try and keep it positive. The goal here is to make them feel better about their day. If you’re musical, you can sing a song for them. If you’re creative you can show them drawings you made for them. Hence they will get the message that they are loved and missed.

3_Have a video call

If the older members of your family have a smartphone and know how to do it, the simplest thing to do is to have a video call with them. You might not see or call them every day on a normal week. But things being what they are at the moment, why not having a daily video call with them. You can keep them updated about your daily routine. Tell them about home-schooling or a craft you’re learning. You can ask them about their day or even their life. But I will get back to that later.

4._Interview them

It came recently to my attention that when teens speak with their grand-parents over the phone they feel they quickly run out of topics to discuss with them. A good solution to keep the conversation flowing and have everybody really involved would be to actually have your teen interview them. Maybe you can ask them about the activities they liked when they were children, the kind of TV show they were watching, what they wanted to do growing up, their favourite sweets, etc …This will also show you’re interested in them and will leave them feeling valued.

5_Have a “behind windows” visit

The other day I was coming home from the shop and while I was walking, I could hear someone knocking at a window. I looked around me and I saw this little girl at the window with her mom holding her up. They were waving and smiling at me. I immediately smiled back and waved as well. I even sent them kisses. This was such a beautiful moment. These people live just around the corner from my house and I had never noticed them before. But in that moment, we were close and sending each other love and kindness. So, I suggest you go to your family’s house and from outside their window wave and send kisses to them. It’s a very heart-warming moment to share in this time.

6_Leave a note at their door

If you’re bringing shopping to your parent’s door, a good idea would be to leave a note for them their too. I read some people bring shopping to their parents on a regular basis. They leave the shopping at the door and after they left their parents pick up the bags. That’s a lovely way to care for them. But we can always go the extra mile when it comes to love and care. You can leave a note there from you and your teens as well as the groceries. If they are creative, make a home-made card with their own illustrations decorating it.

These are some ideas to inspire you to keep the contact with your family.

If you have implemented any ways to stay in touch with your family you think people could find helpful please let us know in the comments.

Stay Safe!

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