• "It is so easy to be yourself in Karina's warm environment - highly recommend!"

    Nicole (workshop attendee)
  • "Karina is an amazing life coach! With so much experience to offer parents , adults and children! I have seen first hand the positive results experienced by her sessions! I would highly recommend her especially with self confidence and self esteem issues! "

    Sarah (mother of teen)
  • "I highly recommend Karina's work. I came to her at a time when I needed to define and focus on my goals. She guided me through my own research process and helped me accept I was ready for change and capable of achieving my life goals. Karina is an amazing person, she saw right through me from the beginning. She was always benevolent and most important absolutely never judgemental. I felt very supported all along the coaching sessions and I'm now full of energy to start with my new life. Thank you so much Karina."

    Carole (private client)
  • "I completed a few career coaching sessions with Karina to identify my weaknesses at work and to get some tools to work on them. After three sessions, I can see huge improvements in both my personal and professional life. Karina's coaching helped me work on things I've struggled with my whole life. Karina makes it easy for you to open up and to talk about your struggles. She gave me invaluable tools that I continue to use every single day. I can't recommend her enough!"

    Maelle (private client)
  • "Karina is a gifted and empathetic life coach with a rare combination of energy and focus. I chose Karina as my life coach and within a handful of sessions my confidence in the skills I already had were boosted beyond my initial imaginings, allowing me to reach my goals far sooner than I thought possible. I have also attended group workshops of Karina's and can safely say she can take command of a room in a warm and welcoming manner, allowing her coaching skills to take precedence over any nerves! I would highly recommend KT Confidence Coaching and am still amazed by her abilities."

    Pam (private client)