The Power of Gratitude

I’m sure you’ve already heard about gratitude but do you understand what it involves?

Gratitude is considered by mental health professionals as the most powerful tool you can use to become more positive. It is a simple yet efficient way to change your outlook in life.

Would you like to feel refreshed and motivated in the morning?

How about being happier during the day, no matter what?

How about going to bed relaxed and ready to sleep?

Gratitude can do that for you.

When you are grateful, you leave behind the sentiment of never having enough. This feeling of always wanting more comes from our incapacity to appreciate what we have. On the contrary, we tend to put our focus in everything we don’t have, everything we wish we had, everything we think we need and everything that is supposed to bring us happiness and joy.

Happiness and joy are not provided my material goods or temporary mood fixers. It is through the process of challenging the way you think and creating a new, more positive one.

Now, I’m aware that sounds very technical and complicated. It’s actually very simple and within reach for anyone who really wants to improve their overall contentment.

Gratitude consist simply in looking at what you have and being grateful for it. By this I mean that you need to genuinely look at aspects of your life you are happy about, the parts of your life that you take for granted. You need to express gratitude for those. Be thankful that you have a loving family, a great group of friends, a roof over your head, at least three full meals per day. You can also be grateful about the sunny day you spent outside with your loved one and the fact that you got up early and avoided traffic on the way to work.

So, now to the how-to part. How are you going to be able to implement this?

As I said before, it’s very simple but it requires time and commitment.

You can do it in many ways. The one I prefer is sharing it with my partner before bedtime.

We actually list three to five things we are grateful for that day. Sometimes we alternate. Sometimes we do one after the other. The important part is that we never skip an evening. Every single evening, before sleeping we tell each other what we are grateful for. It can be as simple as “I am grateful for the delicious dinner I ate” or “I’m grateful that I got a compliment on my work performance today”.

Another can be through journaling. You can have a gratitude journal. A notebook dedicated to your gratitude in which you write every day. So, each day you input three to five things you are grateful for. Again, you can have, for example, “I am grateful that I could hear a bird singing, while waking up this morning” or “I am grateful for the chance of having a job I like so much”.

The rules are as followed:

  1. It has to be something for which you are truly grateful.
  2. The statement has to start with “I am grateful for…” or “I am grateful that …”.
  3. It has to be done in writing or in dialogue with another person.

The third rule is there because to make something real you need to either write it down or tell it to someone else. This is how your brain is going to imprint it as valid information, instead of it being just a thought.

You have to make the effort to consciously be aware of all that is great about your life. This way you will diminish the power of negative thinking. You will give power to positivity.

This will put your attention on the positive side of your life.

As a result, over time you will notice how your way of thinking will change. You will be happier and more positive in your everyday life. Your stress level is going to drastically decrease. Your confidence will improve. Overall your life will be better.

You see, this simple trick is enough to change your outlook on life and gain freedom from negativity.

All you need is the will to do so.

What will it be for you? Do you want to continue looking at life through all you don’t have? Or do you want to be positive and enjoy life?

The choice is yours.

What will it be?

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